Baz Malik, 31, desperately wanted to bring his mum to the UK to see her grandchildren. But after seven refusals for a six-month Visa allowing her to visit from Pakistan, he feared it may never happen.

However, after being advised to seek the help of Five Star International his dream came true, and he and his children were reunited with 59-year-old Sofia Salim.

Public servant Baz came to the UK in 2010 as a student and is now settled in Glasgow with his schoolteacher wife and three young children.

However, being unable to see his mum, or for her to see her grandchildren was taking an emotional toll on the family.

Baz said: “It was a long time coming and to be honest we feared that it wasn’t going to happen. Five Star securing the Visa meant the world to us and mum was over the moon.

“She was so relieved, as were we all, it had been going on for so long. Seven times being told no is hard to take.

“For mum she desperately wanted to see the grandchildren – talking over a phone or on the computer just isn’t the same.

“And for all of us to go to Pakistan, financially and due to the practicalities of it, it’s not that straightforward.

“On top of this she lost her own mum and her brother in Pakistan in the space of four days, so it was a really difficult time and she needed us more than ever.

“We are all law-abiding citizens so imagine what it’s like being told you can’t see your family when we have done nothing wrong.”

Having used other firms previously it was the hard work of Five Star that reunited the family – and Baz said he hasn’t hesitated in using the leading firm again – or recommending it to others.

“We heard about Five Star through word of mouth and turning to them was the best decision we ever made.

“They made such a big difference.


“Dan and his team were 100 per cent behind us all the way, as they promised, and took on the challenge.

“Dan put everything he had into our case, and we were delighted with Five Star’s work.

“Previous firms had not helped us get the right evidence together in all likelihood, but Dan came in a steered us in the right direction from the start.”

Baz added: “Five Star are extremely professional but have that personal touch you don’t always find elsewhere.

Dan and his team were heavily invested in securing the Visa, they were available whenever we needed them right from applying to securing it.

“We would tell anyone to get it touch and have done. We feel part of the Five Star family and they helped bring ours together again.”