Entry clearance is a process overseen by Entry Clearance Officers (ECOs) stationed overseas to verify whether an individual meets the requirements under the Immigration Rules for entry to the UK before they arrive. These ECOs are officials of UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI), the Home Office division responsible for the UK’s visa system.

Although entry clearance is mandatory in some cases, it’s optional in others. Nonetheless, the ultimate authority to allow entry to the UK resides with the Immigration Officer (IO) at the UK port of entry.

Who needs UK entry clearance?

To enter the UK, all visa nationals, including tourists, must obtain entry clearance, regardless of the purpose or length of their stay. This applies to individuals listed in Appendix 2 to Appendix of the Immigration Rules, which includes nationals requiring a visa to visit or stay in the UK for six months or less.

Additionally, those classed as ‘stateless persons’ or those travelling with non-national passports must obtain visitor visas and entry clearance to enter the UK, except where the document is issued by the UK.

For non-visa nationals, entry clearance is required if their intended stay exceeds six months or if the purpose of their visit requires prior entry clearance under the rules. However, they can apply for leave to enter on arrival for stays of six months or less.

While entry clearance is not mandatory for everyone, some individuals choose to apply for it, particularly if they have been previously denied entry to the UK, to ensure their eligibility for admission to the country.

How does entry clearance work?

To obtain UK entry clearance, you need to complete an immigration clearance application form and pay a fee before your travel. The application process involves submitting detailed evidence of your circumstances, identity and intention to enter the UK. You will typically be required to provide your passport, travel documentation, immigration history and identification documents.

If you fail to provide comprehensive evidence and an explanation of your circumstances and intentions for UK entry, your application is likely to be rejected. This can cause disruption to your travel plans and result in additional expenses and fees.

It’s advisable to seek assistance from an immigration solicitor to increase the likelihood of your application being successful.


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