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12 April 2024 UK Visa English Language Requirements
If you're immigrating to the UK, you'll need to meet a specific English language requirement to prove your proficiency in the language. Read more
09 April 2024 MAC Rapid Review of Graduate Route
The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has been tasked with reviewing the current Graduate route for a report in May 2024. Read more
Room of servers stacked on top of each other surrounded by blue lighting 03 April 2024 Home Office immigration database errors hit more than 76,000 people
Errors in a major Home Office database system have caused over 76,000 people to be recorded with incorrect names, photographic IDs or immigration status. Read more
Bartender working at bar counter in oriental restaurant 02 April 2024 Sponsor Licences for UK Restaurants
For restaurant owners or hospitality establishments struggling to find skilled staff, a Sponsor Licence may be the answer. Read more
Mobile phone in hand 18 March 2024 Sponsor Licence Scammers
We're aware of recent reports of scammers attempting to obtain access to Sponsor Management Systems ("SMS") by contacting licence holders directly. Read more
Pharmacist wearing blue latex gloves working in a chemical environment, picking up a liquid sample in a small container 18 March 2024 Updates to new Immigration Salary List (ISL)
The MAC has finalised the rapid review of the shortage occupation list and recommended that 21 occupations be included in the new ISL. Read more
15 March 2024 UK Visa Processing Times
We're breaking down some frequently asked questions on UK Visa Processing Times. Read more
An aerial view of London, United Kingdom on a sunny day 14 March 2024 UK Immigration Rules - Statement of Changes
The new Statement of Changes to the UK's Immigration Rules was published on 14th March 2024. Read more
A group of young adult students working in the UK 21 February 2024 An Overview of UK Student Visas
Read our latest insights on UK Student Visas, including how long they're valid for, how much they cost and how to apply. Read more
Photograph of London landscape in the UK, featuring the London Eye and Big Ben 19 February 2024 Timeline for Key Amendments to UK's Immigration Rules
The UK Immigration landscape is changing drastically in 2023. Stay ahead of these changes and learn how they might affect you. Read more

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