We specialise in simplifying the Sponsor Licence process, ensuring your organisation meets its obligations and avoids the negative consequences of a suspended, downgraded or revoked licence.

The Sponsor Management System (SMS)

The UK government’s Sponsor Management System (SMS) is an essential tool for Sponsor Licence holders.

Also known as the ‘Home Office SMS’, it enables organisations to issue Certificates of Sponsorship and maintain compliance with Home Office regulations. Our sponsorship management advice service will help you understand and use the SMS effectively.

Key responsibilities of a Sponsor Licence holder

Sponsor Licence holders have various duties, including:

Record keeping

Accurately maintain records and documentation for sponsored workers/students and report changes to the Home Office via SMS.

Compliance with immigration laws

Ensure compliance with UK immigration laws, including verifying sponsored workers’ right to work in the UK.

Monitoring sponsored workers/students

Track sponsored individuals to confirm their adherence to visa conditions.

Cooperating with the Home Office

Work with Home Office officials during inspections or information requests.

Training and support

Offer training and support to sponsored workers/students, helping them understand visa conditions and requirements.

Failure to fulfill these responsibilities can result in severe consequences for your organisation.

Master the Sponsorship Management System

To effectively use the Sponsorship Management System (SMS), you must first register for an account and apply for a Sponsor Licence. Once approved, you can access the SMS to assign roles to relevant personnel and issue Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS) to sponsored employees.

By diligently maintaining and updating the SMS, your organisation can ensure compliance with sponsorship duties and responsibilities.


How Five Star can help

Our team of immigration lawyers has extensive experience assisting companies and organisations of all sizes in fulfilling their Sponsor Licence obligations and successfully sponsoring migrant workers and students. We’re committed to providing reliable and transparent advice to our clients.

Our range of Sponsor Licence management services includes:

  • Being nominated to act as representatives on your Sponsor Licence. Our OISC registered advisors are nominated as representative on your Sponsor Licence, allowing us to communicate on your behalf to any Home Office enquiries and be available to provide support and training to your nominated staff on the proper usage of the system.
  • Bespoke training on how to navigate and properly use the Sponsor Management System.
  • Immigration consultancy to review potential applicants’ suitability for the positions being offered.
  • Auditing of relevant HR functions.
  • Compliance Audits to review all systems and processes you have in place to ensure you are meeting your duties and responsibilities as Sponsor Licence holders.
  • Assistance with reviews for suspended or revoked Sponsor Licences.

Sponsorship and compliance for employers

At Five Star, we can provide you with the guidance and support you need to ensure that the sponsorship process is completed quickly and efficiently – we’re with you at every stage.

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