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Sponsor Licences

Sponsor Licences

If you are a UK business and you wish to maximise your access to staff worldwide who have optimal levels of skill and experience to bring to your business you should consider applying for a sponsor licence under tier 2 and/or tier 5 of the U.K.’s points based system.

Here at five star we can provide a complete service from advising as to the suitability of a sponsor licence for your business, dealing with the application process for you and providing assistance and support in the ongoing maintenance of your sponsor licence when it is granted.

With close to 17 years of experience in dealing with the business immigration under our belts we are confident that we can work with you to ensure you obtain the full benefit of having your sponsor licence.

What we will not do is advise applying for a sponsor licence if we do not feel that it will benefit your business. Get in touch today.

So, if you are considering whether or not you need a sponsor licence we will provide answers to the key questions such as, can the position/s I am seeking to fill meet with Home Office requirements? What rules and requirements do I need to comply with when employing migrant staff?

It is also worth remembering that following brexit, EEA nationals will also require to be sponsored under the U.K.’s points based system to work here in the United Kingdom.

A short consultation may well provide you with a long-term solution. Please contact us today to book.