Five Star was born on September 18, 2003, and 20 years on continues to help people transform their lives. Founded initially to bring people to the UK to work and live, primarily through recruitment services, by siblings Teresa Saksida and Dan Doherty, Five Star has evolved and stands today as one of the UK’s top OISC-Regulated immigration services providers.

Our experienced team 3 deals with all aspects of business, family and personal immigration – from Sponsor Licences and Spouse visas to citizenship applications and appeals & judicial reviews.

Clients are the heart of Five Star, and we pride ourselves in bringing people together – whether it be businesses and staff, or reuniting families and loved ones.

People are our business and that will never change.

We help people achieve their dreams and ambitions and support them through every stage of the immigration process in an open, realistic and honest manner.

While we will always strive for the best results, our team will never make promises we can’t deliver on.

Our family business combines the utmost professionalism with an approachable, comfortable and friendly manner, going the extra mile for each and every client.

Five Star’s goal moving forward is to continue to deliver life-changing results for our clients as we have done in the past and build on our successes helping more people start a new life in the UK.

Originating in recruitment, Five Star naturally transitioned into immigration services, leveraging our dual expertise to offer bespoke solutions for every client. This deep understanding of both domains has empowered us to succeed in numerous cases where others couldn’t.

As Five Star pivoted to specialise in ommigration, our symbiotic relationship with our sister firm, Recruitment Solvers, ensures we provide a comprehensive service spectrum to our clientele.

Recruitment Solvers specialises in tailoring staffing solutions for all sectors – whether you are an employer looking for skilled workers or a prospective employee looking for a job in the UK.

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