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Do you have a Biometric Residence Permit that expires in December 2024?

Published 22 July 2024

The expiration of Biometric Residence Permits in December 2024 will lead to their replacement with “eVisas”. This change requires individuals to set up an online account for viewing and sharing immigration status information.

A share code, generated through the view and prove service, will facilitate this process, allowing time-limited access to one’s immigration status for third parties like employers or landlords.

The Home Office will continue to share immigration status automatically with certain government departments and public bodies, reducing individuals’ need to use online services for status verification.

Updates and support for those unable to navigate this process will be provided in 2024.

The transition may present challenges, as evidenced by issues encountered with the EU Settlement Scheme, affecting travel and work opportunities. Despite these potential difficulties, the Home Office plans to proceed with the implementation.

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