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Further Leave to Remain

Further Leave to Remain

Further leave to remain in the United Kingdom is essentially any application made whilst you are in the United Kingdom and need to make an application to legally extend your stay.

There are many reasons why you may need or want to do this and different types of application which can be submitted.

You may be here on a Visa type which requires to be extended or renewed such as a Spouse Visa, Work Visa or Student Visa. Many people are caught out when, having been granted entry clearance, it comes time for them to extend their visa and they have not taken advice on the requirements to be met. It is crucial that you do so and in plenty of time for any renewal application to be submitted. You should seek advice a minimum of 6 months prior to expiry of your current leave and even a couple of months earlier should you be on a Spouse/Partner Visa.

You may need to apply to switch your Immigration category if permitted, for example changing from Tier 4 Student to Tier 2 General or from a Fiance Visa to a Spouse Visa. Again the earlier you take specialist advice the better.

You may also need to submit an application for leave to remain on a Human Rights basis dependent on your circumstances while you are already here, if for example your personal circumstances have changed and you are facing issues with your Immigration status.

The importance of taking Immigration advice from an experienced, qualified and regulated In – house Immigration Solicitor, particularly in matters involving Human Rights based applications is crucial. All our In- house Immigration Solicitors are regulated by the Law Society of Scotland and all are specialists in Immigration.

The first thing you need is clarity and an honest appraisal of your situation, it is our job to ensure that as clients you receive clear and honest advice as to your situation and that is what you will receive when you meet with one of our In – house Immigration Solicitors.

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