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Tier 2/5

Tier 2/5

If you are looking to either relocate to the UK for work for an employer or to switch Immigration category within the UK from your current route into a work route, you will require a sponsor.

Your sponsor will have to issue you with what is known as a certificate of sponsorship as without this you will be unable to successfully apply for either Entry Clearance or Further Leave to Remain in the UK.

There are various options under both Tiers 2 and 5 of the UK’s Points Based Immigration system. If you are considering coming to the UK to work or wish to switch Immigration category while you are already here, for example if you are a Tier 4 Student looking to switch into Tier 2, you will benefit greatly from finding out exactly what your options are by speaking to one of our specialist In-house Immigration Solicitors.

Finding your way through the complexities of the UK’s Immigration system can be daunting and it is all too easy to take the wrong path, here at Five Star we will be able to clearly advise you, in writing what your options may be. If there is a route suitable for you we’ll tell you and signpost the way forward, if current rules do not allow for your needs we’ll tell you why and we will always be contactable when either your circumstances or UK Immigration law change.

It’s your future and one of the most important decisions you may take in your life, Five Star has your best interests in mind and you will have a clear picture following your consultation with us.

Please call today and book.